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estetik cerrahi

Some short notes..

estetik cerrahi It must be determined whether the source of the patient's problem is really the size of the tongue. It is necessary to be sure that the patient's problem will be eliminated by tongue reduction.

estetik cerrahi How much will the tongue be reduced? If the surgeon has enough experience, he/she will reduce the tongue as much as necessary. Over-reducing the tongue in this surgery is the worst thing that can happen, because there is no going back from over-reducing the tongue.

estetik cerrahi Is there a need for any other procedure in addition to tongue reduction? A short sublingual ligament also restricts the movement of the tongue. If the patient's speech is impaired because the tongue is too large and the sublingual ligament is short, the sublingual ligament should be cut while the tongue is being reduced. These two procedures can be performed at the same time. Thus, a more pronounced improvement in speech is achieved.

estetik cerrahi It should be kept in mind that a large tongue in infant patients can cause very serious problems. Surgery is also more risky in infant patients. The decision on whether to operate on these patients is very critical. The patient's feeding difficulties and breathing difficulties are taken into consideration. Age is taken into consideration. The family is told that they will be anesthetized and that there are risks. All these factors are taken into consideration and it is decided when the patient will be operated. If breathing and feeding difficulties are high, the baby may need to be operated urgently after birth.

estetik cerrahi If the patient is an actor, theater actor, TV star who has partial diction problems and whose diction is generally good, tongue reduction should be planned very well. After the surgery, the patient's general diction should not deteriorate while correcting the speech defect that the patient suffers from.

estetik cerrahi As long as these points are taken into consideration, this surgery will put a smile on your face.


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