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estetik cerrahi

Welcome All..

estetik cerrahi I am M.D. Oytun Idil, a plastic surgery specialist, but many common surgeries of plastic surgery do not interest me at all. For instance, I stopped doing rhinoplasty in 2010. I have been more interested in different surgeries since the first years of my assistantship. Reduction of the Adam's apple, penis enlargement surgery, removal of cheek fat (bichectomy), correction of the crooked leg appearance with silicone implants, buttock enlargement surgery with silicone implants, drooling surgery (stopping drooling from the mouth in spastic children), aesthetic surgeries performed with silicone implants in men (pectoral implant, leg implant, butt implant, etc.), leg aesthetics in polio patients. Like these, tongue reduction is one of the surgeries I am interested in.

estetik cerrahi What we do in general, I explain in the video below.

If you cannot view the video below, click here to watch it on YouTube.

estetik cerrahi Tongue reduction is an interesting surgery. Technically, tongue reduction surgery is easy, but depending on the reason for the large size of the tongue, the age of the patient, the social status of the patient, and many other reasons, the management of the surgery and the patient is difficult. It is difficult to decide on the timing of the surgery, to decide on the surgical technique, to decide how much the tongue will be reduced, whether it will be shortened, narrowed or thinned. The surgeon who will make these decisions about the tongue reduction patient should be someone experienced in this field. Some wrong decisions can lead to irreversible mistakes. For example, if you reduce the tongue more than necessary, this cannot be reversed. Because of such features, most surgeons are not interested in this surgery. In fact, there are many tongue reduction patients, but unfortunately, patients cannot find a surgeon to perform this surgery. If you ask surgeons, most of them do not even know that there is such an operation; even if they know, they do not perform it. In fact, when this surgery is performed appropriately for the right patient, it greatly increases the patient's life comfort. Patients' speech improves, they get rid of problems in their social life. The speech of young children improves. If infant patients have difficulty in feeding and breathing due to the large size of the tongue, they get rid of these problems. In fact, theater or movie star patients whose diction is extremely smooth sometimes apply to us expressing that they have difficulty in making some sounds. In these patients, having a long or wide tongue disrupts speech. It is necessary to properly correct the tongue size that prevents these patients from making some sounds without disrupting their existing perfect diction. Here, we solve this problem with tongue reduction.

estetik cerrahi Patients who need tongue reduction can be infants, children or adults. The important thing here is to plan according to the individual and never to reduce the tongue more than necessary. An under-reduced tongue can be further reduced with a second surgery in the future, but you cannot restore an over-reduced tongue. For this reason, it is extremely important that the surgeon performing this surgery is experienced in this field.

estetik cerrahi A large tongue is not always congenital. Sometimes the tongue can also grow later. On this site you will also find the causes of a large tongue.

estetik cerrahi On this site you will find extensive information about tongue reduction surgery. With years of experience, I have written everything you need to know, everything you need to ask your doctor on this site...


- Do a good research before deciding to have any surgery.

- Find out exactly what will be done during the operation.

- Ask your doctor for information about what will happen after the operation.

- Make sure that you can easily contact your doctor after the operation. Be sure to get your doctor's personal cell phone number and e-mail address. Since 2000, my cell phone numbers are the same and all my patients know them (+90 533 5690649 and +90 505 2965569). I communicate with my patients through these numbers by phone and whatsapp connected to my +90 533 5690649 line... My e-mail address is oytunmd@gmail.com... If you forget these numbers and my e-mail address, search my name on the internet (oytun idil), you will find my address, phone and e-mail information on all of my websites.

- Ask about possible complications related to the surgery. Ask what can be done if any complications occur.

- If you need to be operated again as a result of a complication in the future, or if a revision surgery is required, get information about the cost of this surgery. Every plastic surgery may require revision in the future. Take this into consideration.

- Never stop communicating with your doctor. If you have any problems, your own doctor who performed your surgery will help you the most.

estetik cerrahi I've been doing tongue reduction surgery since 2004.

estetik cerrahi I've never revised a case.

estetik cerrahi Although the inside of the mouth is considered an infected area, I have never had a case where the sutures on the tongue have become infected.

estetik cerrahi I performed this surgery on infants, children, adults, patients of all age groups.

estetik cerrahi To date, I have never had a patient whose tongue was too small.

estetik cerrahi We corrected diction problems in our actress, TV and movie star patients and did not cause any deterioration in their speech.


Since 2010, we have been videotaping all our surgeries. We make our recordings with a GoPro forehead camera. For legal reasons, we cannot give our video recordings to patients. We keep them in a secure place. If our patient wishes, he/she can watch the video when he/she comes to our clinic for control.

Video recordings have many advantages. First of all, think of video recording as a security camera. We record everything that happens during your surgery while you are under anesthesia. You can watch these recordings later. Everything that is done in the surgery is done in accordance with the surgical rules, as it should be done, and we record it on video. If you have a problem with the surgery later on, you can look at the video recordings to see if we had any deficiencies in the surgery. We are confident that all operating room conditions and surgical techniques comply with surgical rules, so we are confident enough to record the entire surgery from start to finish.

If you cannot view the video below, click here to watch it on YouTube.

estetik cerrahi EXAMINATION FORM: The first thing you need to do when applying for an examination and surgery is to fill in the examination form on the documents page and send it to us by e-mail. Please do not forget to include your wishes and, if possible, some photos of the surgical area (tongue). The examination form is available in English, Turkish, French, German, German, Spanish, Azerbaijani and Russian.

estetik cerrahi INFORMED CONSENT FORM: Before the surgery, you must sign the "INFORMED CONSENT FORM" stating that you have been informed about this surgery and that you consent to the surgery. You can download and read the form here. The form is available in English, Turkish, French, German, German, Spanish, Azerbaijani and Russian.


Op. Dr. Oytun İdil    (Plastic & reconstructive surgeon)
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E-mail: oytunmd@gmail.com
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